To the Editors:

On September 19 Constantine Georgakis, a Greek student studying geology at the University of Genoa, in protest against the Greek tyranny set himself on fire at Matteoti Square in Genoa and was burned shouting, “Long live free Greece, I am sacrificing myself for a free Greece!”

Last July another young Greek, Alexander Panaghoulis, who three years ago attempted to assassinate the Greek dictator, George Papadopoulos, “to free my country from tyranny,” smuggled out from his damp and poorly ventilated tiny cell the message which follows:

Stavros Pappas

New York


July, 1970

I invite the American senators who in a recent visit in South Vietnam saw and had the sincerity to make public the Tiger Cage Prisons of the Saigon Government, to visit me in the Army Prison in Boyiati.

Their reward, a new experience on the methods of Fascism in Greece. Perhaps then the humane feelings of their government will be moved so that with the arms that it is sending to the Fascist Junta it will send a cage for me. A healthier cage from the one the junta offers.

I am waiting for them.

Alexander B. Panaghoulis

This Issue

October 22, 1970