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Cops from the November 5, 1970 issue

To the Editors:

What with the courts pressing trial lawyers to accept criminal cases to clear space in the jails for more accused, it is almost impossible to find time to comment on your articles. But the piece “On Understanding the Police” by Murrary Kempton [NYR, November 5] requires extraordinary attention. Never before have I seen anyone express himself in print on this subject with such candor and insight.

When Murrary Kempton comes to the conclusion that the honest cop must lie for administrative efficiency, the ultimate indictment has been made of our society. I wish I were as confident that Marxism-Leninism has all the answers as he seems to assume I am. Russia, China, Cuba, and now Chile will find that the facts of life are very stubborn obstacles.

Conrad J. Lynn

New York City

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January 7, 1971