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A Special Supplement: Anthropology on the Warpath in Thailand from the November 19, 1970 issue

To the Editors:

The impressive discussion of Anthropology’s services to imperialism in the November 19th issue [“Anthropology on the Warpath in Thailand” by Eric Wolf and Joseph Jorgensen] referred to our study, “The Extended Family,” which pinpoints the subservience of African studies to imperialist purpose, but incorrectly attributed it to the Africa Research Bureau. Our research collective is actually named the Africa Research Group and we have just completed a revised and expanded analysis of the ways that the work of most foreign areas scholars is used to manipulate Third World peoples. Copies of what we think is a dynamic counter-study are available for $1.00 (plus $.25 for mailing) from the Group at P.O. Box 213, Cambridge, Mass. 02138.

Africa Research Group
Cambridge, Mass.

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March 11, 1971