To the Editors:

New York Review readers may be interested to know about The Feminist Press. We have organized the Press to help reconstruct the history of women and to provide some alternatives to the kinds of books available for children.

The Feminist Press will publish a series of biographical pamphlets about women or groups of women—feminists, workers, writers, revolutionaries, artists: Constance de Markievicz, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Emma Goldman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Harriet Tubman, Marianne Weber, and others. We are also planning a series of reprints of forgotten but important works by such women writers as Rebecca Harding Davis, C.P. Gilman, and Agnes Smedley.

And we will issue a series of children’s books designed to counteract the sexual stereotyping to which American children are subject.

The first Feminist Press pamphlets should be available about May 15. Meanwhile, we do need financial aid to get the Press started (we’ve organized as a nonprofit, educational corporation, and have applied for tax exemption). But more than that, we need women, and men, willing to write biographical pamphlets, edit, illustrate, help with distribution. Interested people should write to The Feminist Press, 5504 Greenspring Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21209.

Florence Howe

Baltimore, Maryland

This Issue

July 1, 1971