To the Editors:

This fall all of the major groups in the peace movement are participating in a united program of antiwar activities as our response to the continuation of the war, the escalation of bombing throughout Indo-china and the mounting domestic economic effects of this policy.

Major focus of our efforts will be massive, peaceful, orderly, and nonconfrontational demonstrations on Saturday, November 6, in New York and fifteen other cities across the country.

This campaign has already generated a broader spectrum of support than any other peace action in the last six years and we have every reason to believe it will have significant political impact, particularly because of the heavy trade union participation.

Our biggest problem at the moment is raising the funds required to spread the word and involve the antiwar majority in these vital actions. To help in this process Robert Rauschenberg has contributed to the National Peace Action Coalition an exciting original work which has been produced under his supervision as a signed, color silkscreen in a limited edition of 250.

The print can be purchased directly from us at $300, or can be seen and bought at one of the following ten galleries in various cities: John Bergguen, San Francisco; Castelli Graphics, New York City; Current Editions, Seattle; Dayton’s Gallery 12, Minneapolis; Fendrick, Washington, D.C.; Allan Frumkin, Chicago; Jack Glenn, Corona Del Mar, California; Margo Leavin, Los Angeles; Morgan, Shawnee Mission, Kansas; Nancy Singer, St. Louis.

Checks should be made payable to NPAC and sent to 150 Fifth Avenue, Dept. A, New York City 10011.

Ron Wolin

National Peace Action Coalition

New York City

This Issue

November 4, 1971