To the Editors:

As I was reading the most recent appeal from your publisher A. Whitney Ellsworth to renew my subscription, I came across the March issue of the Ford Foundation’s Letter, which lists the following Ford grant:

International Association of Cultural Freedom (Paris), $50,000 over fifteen months, for support of the monthly journal Encounter, which brings to a world wide audience ranging from the informed generalist to the professional scholar distinctive articles on literary, philosophical, political and other topics.

I’m going to renew my NYR sub and frankly would do so at double the price. But what is this about a tax free foundation subsidizing a mag that I see on the 42nd Street newsstand, next to the NYR? Why doesn’t Ford give you people some money so I can pay you less? Seems the NYR doesn’t know how to Con Interesting Agencies.

Stanley Farb

New York City

This Issue

April 6, 1972