To the Editors:

Following is a copy of an Open Letter to Dr. Carlos de Rozas, Argentine Ambassador to the United Nations. The letter was to have been presented to Dr. de Rozas at the March 4, 1972, Conference on Latin America at the New School. Dr. de Rozas was scheduled to be a featured speaker along with Ted Sorenson, Arthur Schussing, and Charles Meyer, Secretary of State of Inter-American Affairs; but at the last minute Dr. de Rozas canceled his speaking engagement.

The Open Letter was sent to Dr. de Rozas, and distributed to everyone at the Conference, but it deserves a much wider reading. Unlike the repression of civil liberties in Brazil which has received substantial publicity, little is known about the use of torture, abduction, and assassination of political dissidents in Argentina.

Frank Grinnon

US Committee for Justice to Latin

American Political Prisoners

New York City

This Issue

April 20, 1972