To the Editors:

I was dismayed to discover on page 33 of the March 9 edition of The New York Review an advertisement for a chairman of the Department of Political Science, Sociology, and Anthropology at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia. The Simon Fraser PSA Department has been censured by the Canadian Association of University Professors and every major professional organization in the three fields for its treatment of faculty. It is a disservice to your readership not to notify them of the extreme disrepute of this department in the academic community. I would urge that prior to submitting enquiries or curriculum vitae to this institution, individuals consult one of the following:

In New York:

Dr. Jerry M. Katz

Department of Sociology

Richmond College, CUNY

In Canada:

Prof. G. H. Sperling

Department of Political Science

University of Saskatchewan


Elliot T. Jones

Brooklyn, New York

This Issue

April 20, 1972