To the Editors:

On May 28, the Storefront in Harlem will go on a spring vacation for one month. We will be open again on July 5, and in October we will go into our seventh year.

We send this letter to beg whatever you can send us to get the Storefront through the summer and hopefully a few months into the fall. Our expenses run about $2,000 a month, and we receive no government help. We are a tax-deductible charity: The Addie Mae Collins Library Fund.

Each day thirty children come to us, all of them under five and all of them hungry for life and for the mystery of their childhood. We give this to them, as well as breakfast, lunch, and medical care. We are trying to place some of our older children in good private schools and we will have at least six in them next fall.

In June Harper & Row will publish The Wilderness and the Laurel Tree: A Guide for Parents and Teachers on the Observation of Children. This follows our history through November of 1971.

We are a happy, thriving school filled with life and hope, but we must always exist under the threat of extinction unless you can find a way to help.

All contributions to be sent to: Jorge Guillermo, Storefront Fund Raising Committee, 170 West End Avenue, Apartment 23T, New York, New York 10023.

Ned O’Gorman

The Storefront

2025 Madison Avenue

New York City

This Issue

July 20, 1972