To the Editors:

The Vietnam Veterans Against the War has just been hit with a “conspiracy” charge by the Justice Department alleging intent to disrupt the GOP convention in August. Six VVAW members are presently indicted with a $25,000/person bond—yet to be raised—others are charged with contempt.

VVAW is engaged in several positive projects for social change, projects that we do not intend to have disrupted by US government efforts to destroy this organization. Needless to say, funds are needed to carry on projects, such as the VVAW drug hearings to be held in New York in August and now the cost of protecting our brothers charged in the frame-up “conspiracy.”

If you are interested in supporting VVAW, contact: VVAW, 25 West 26th Street, New York, New York 10010, (212) 725-5680.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War

New York City, New York

This Issue

October 5, 1972