To the Editors:

We are in the process of gathering support to nominate for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1974 all those young persons who refused complicity with their government’s war in Vietnam—whether through draft refusal, desertion from or opposition within the armed forces.

The official procedures of the Nobel Peace Committee allow for a variety of individuals and groups to offer nominations. Among them are: past recipients of the Prize, members of our national legislature, and university professors of law, political science, history, and philosophy. If you fall into any of these categories and wish to become a signatory to the nomination, please sign this statement and mail to: Martin Duberman, c/o History Department, Lehman College, CUNY, Bedford Park Blvd. West, Bronx, New York 10468.

Karl Bissinger

Joe Chaikin

Noam Chomsky

Martin Duberman

Andrea Dworkin

Florence Falk

Richard Falk

Robert Jay Lifton

Grace Paley

Richard Poirier

Muriel Rukeyser

George Wald

(in the name of some 100 additional signatories to date)

This Issue

October 4, 1973