To the Editors:

The 1972 publication of Winning Hearts and Minds by the late 1st Casualty Press established a landmark in antiwar literature. A collection of poetry by thirty-three veterans, it described the nightmare of American intervention in Indochina as only its participants could.

However, that anthology exposed only the war experience itself. We are collecting a companion work—to be titled Demilitarized Zones—which will examine the war after coming home: the impact of America on its returning Indochina survivors, the casualties of “readjustment,” and the struggle for survival, sanity, and dignity after the shooting stops.

This anthology will include poetry, prose, art, and photography by Indochina veterans. Similar to Winning Hearts and Minds, of which one of us was a coeditor and the other a contributor, Demilitarized Zones will be published as a non-commercial project by the editors.

Our biggest difficulty now is trying to reach potential contributors. Any assistance you can give us would be very much appreciated.

Jan Barry

W.D. Ehrhart

East River Press

208 Dean Street

Brooklyn, NY 11217

This Issue

October 16, 1975