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Laboring Fabians from the March 17, 1977 issue

To the Editors:

Might I address an urgent appeal to all who read Frank Kermode’s review of the MacKenzies on the Fabians (NYR, March 17), all who read the book and, indeed, to all who have gratitude and affection for this organization that has done so much to improve and civilize modern industrial existence? The Fabians are still at work, still exploring, still issuing tracts, still educating and still, more than ever, in need of money. A major fund drive is now in progress. Since Americans have shared in the benefits from the pioneer work of the Fabians on everything from health care to housing, to social security, to a dozen other advances in social welfare legislation, it should be a matter of conscience that we share the cost. Will all so disposed send a contribution to the Fabian Society? Checks should be made out to the Dartmouth Street Trust, and sent care of the Fabian Society, Dartmouth Street, London SW1H 9BN, England. Or since I am honest and it involves no administrative cost, send them to me at 207 Littauer Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138, and I will acknowledge and forward at no expense whatever.

John Kenneth Galbraith

Cambridge, Massachusetts

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May 12, 1977