To the Editors:

The Charleston Trust was set up, thanks largely to the energy and enthusiasm of young enthusiasts in this country and in the United States who are desperately anxious that a house rich in historical literary associations and a unique example of the decorative work of Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell, should not be allowed to perish. To this end, the originals of the greater part of the Charleston Papers, together with many Virginia Woolf papers and relics, and some important pictures, are being offered for auction, and many other events are being planned. But we need all the support that we can get. If your readers require information or can send us contributions, they should apply to me at the address below or to The Royal Oak Foundation Inc., 41 East 72nd Street, New York, N.Y. 10021 (all contributions to The Royal Oak are tax deductible).

Quentin Bell

The Charleston Trust

Cobbe Place, Beddingham

Glynde, Sussex


This Issue

July 17, 1980