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Uncle Jose in Mexico

In response to:

Letter from a Chinese College from the September 25, 1980 issue

To the Editors:

The anonymous “Letter from a Chinese College” [NYR, September 25] has caused some amusement here. You really didn’t have to cross the Pacific for such material; it abounds in this country. For example, I enrolled in the Escuela Nacional de Antropología in Mexico City a few years ago and my naïve hopes of learning something about anthropology sank out of sight in the same boring hours of “thought education” described in “Letter.” Request a syllabus from them and learn that the basic text on linguistics is…sit tight…J. Stalin’s. When I decided to leave and seek instruction farther north, I was reproached for lapsing into heresy. “Compañero,” a faculty member said, “You [] will be studying imperialist anthropology!” And my experience can be duplicated on almost any level of what is called education here.

H.L. Rodríguez

Mexicali, BC, Mexico