To the Editors:

Under “Contributors” in your issue of June 24 you list Prof. Bernard Lewis and his impressive list of credits.

Unfortunately, among his credits you list my novel, In Quest of Eden.

I am sure the prolific professor does not heed my first and, so far, only novel to fatten his already outstanding record in the field of Middle Eastern history.

Granted Eden is alleged to have been located somewhere in Prof. Lewis’s intellectual territory, yet this should not entitle him to proprietary rights in a word that now has a far broader meaning than as the site of the origin of man.

My book, which one review said is “…a sensitive, poetic story of love and adventure, set in the Philippines…” obviously is not the kind of thing that Prof. Lewis does.

In Quest of Eden was published Dec. 1980 by Ashley Books of Port Washington, NY.

B. L. Lewis

New York City

The editors regret this error.

This Issue

September 23, 1982