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The Gentle Genius from the October 27, 1983 issue

The editors regret that the following errors occurred in the October 27th issue: In Isaiah Berlin’s review, “The Gentle Genius,” the sentence on page 26, column 1, line 21, was misprinted and should read: “A year later he tells Tolstoy that his perpetual feeling of the pulse of his relationships with others, as well as of his own emotions, must make his life difficult for him (and, presumably, for others also. This letter is not given here).”

The last sentence of the last paragraph on page 85 in Jerome Bruner’s “State of the Child” should have read: “But how did Dr. Suzuki dream up that happy blend of Gemütlichkeit and musical stimulation if his musical intelligence and his “interpersonal” intelligence were each modular, autonomous, and unyokable to the other?” We apologize to Isaiah Berlin and Jerome Bruner.