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In the Zoo of the New from the October 23, 1986 issue

To the Editors:

I was delighted to see Helen Vendler’s review of Brad Leithauser’s second book of poems, Cats of the Temple, in your October 23 issue; her readings always fascinate and instruct.

As editor of the book I was bewildered, however, by Ms. Vendler’s criticism of the “promotional statement” attributed to Knopf, since none of the phrases with which she took issue was written by the publisher. A check confirms that all are from an advance review of the book by Publisher’s Weekly, which was enclosed with copies sent to the critics. I hope you will inform your readers.

Ann Close

Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.

New York, NY

Helen Vendler replies:

I’m sorry I did not catch the attribution. The description still seems to me inadequate as promotional material.

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November 6, 1986