To the Editors:

At the Westfälische Wilhelms—Universität Münster Hermann J. Real and Heinz J. Vienken are establishing a new international center for Swift studies, to be named after the leading Swift scholar of his age, THE EHRENPREIS CENTER FOR SWIFT STUDIES. The center is based on library material and papers deeded by the estate of the late Irvin Ehrenpreis, as well as on extensive compilations and purchases of their own. In the meantime, Real and Vienken have founded a Society of FRIENDS, for which they have recruited a large advisory board of other scholars in the field, and they are projecting an annual journal, Swift Studies: The Annual of the Ehrenpreis Center. The first issue, which was published in December 1986, reported on the Society’s activities and the holdings of the center, among others, and will contain essays and notes by scholars from Australia, England, Germany, Ireland, and the United States of America.

The annual subscription rate to the FRIENDS, including a free copy of Swift Studies, is the equivalent of DM 60. Those interested should contact Professor Hermann J. Real and Dr. Heinz J. Vienken, Englisches Seminar, Johannisstr. 12-20, 4400 Münster, Fed. Rep. Germany.

Heinz J. Vienken

This Issue

October 22, 1987