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Glasnost and the Jews from the October 22, 1987 issue

To the Editors:

…There is one correction I would like to make concerning “Glasnost and the Jews” by Arthur Hertzberg in the October 22, 1987, issue. In this article and in the press it has been stated that the Soviets and the US have announced that a liaison office is being set up in Moscow to consult on emigration matters. There is no such office, although US discussions on human rights with the Soviets have become increasingly frequent and more detailed. Among the broad range of human rights issues we raise during such discussions are both the right to emigrate and the right of those who do not choose to emigrate to practice their religion and to express their cultural identity.

I hope you will also express the Department’s thanks to Rabbi Hertzberg.

Mark R. Parris

Director, Office of Soviet Union Affairs

United States Department of State

Washington, DC

This Issue

March 3, 1988