To the Editors:

In the light of recent events in China and their “official” re-telling by the mainland government, the Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Chicago and the Center for Psychosocial Studies of Chicago, Illinois, have jointly created the “Tian An Men Archives” to provide an accurate account of the democracy movement. We are therefore collecting all relevant information, including interviews, photographs, videos, pamphlets, circulars, recordings, official and unofficial publications, and Chinese and international press coverage. We are especially in need of recordings of Chinese TV and radio coverage, including the government dialogues with the students and official speeches. The materials will be compiled in the form of an annotated, chronological, computerized data bank which will be available to qualified researchers. All materials will be kept in strictest confidence, and, if requested, sources will be identified only by number. Please send any materials to: Tian An Men Archives, 111 East Wacker Drive, Suite 1317, Chicago, IL 60601. Tel: 312-819-4770. Fax: 312-819-4768.

Professor Leo Ou-fan Lee
Director, Center for East Asian Studies
University of Chicago
Dr. Benjamin Lee
Director, Center for Psychosocial Studies

This Issue

November 23, 1989