To the Editors:

During and after the massacre of students in Tiananmen Square in the People’s Republic of China, many writers all over the world have in one form or another condemned the present Communist regime, thereby giving support to the pro-democracy student movement. Poems have been written in many languages reflecting different cultural traditions, though manifesting a kindred outrage. We (myself and Ms. Song Lin, lecturer in the University of Beijing, and visiting scholar to the Australian Studies Centre, University of Queensland) are now editing an anthology of poems dealing directly or indirectly with the events or the aftermath of Tiananmen, in the hope that it may foster understanding amongst the people of the world.

We welcome submissions of poems of any kind, written in any language (where appropriate, we will get contributions translated into English), and addressed to myself, Walter Tonetto, c/o German Department, University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Queensland, 4067, Australia. We will be grateful to receive submissions, including brief bio-bibliographies, as early as possible.

Walter Tonetto
University of Queensland

This Issue

February 15, 1990