To the Editors:

The Society for Romanian Studies is urgently requesting academics in all fields to donate books for rebuilding the University Library in Bucharest, whose 300,000-volume collection was completely destroyed in the revolution of December 1989. Anyone willing to donate duplicates, desk copies, or books no longer needed is asked to send them to ROMANIAN LIBRARY, 200 EAST 38TH ST., NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10016. Mark your packages in bold letters FOR DONATION TO BUCHAREST LIBRARY. There is no time limit.

Academic books of any kind, in any field, will be welcome. If more than one copy of a book is received, extras will be sent to the other university libraries in Romania. (Shortages of foreign currency for book purchases have kept foreign acquisitions at a minimum for all libraries since 1982.)

This initiative has the support of the Romanian Foreign Ministry and the Romanian Embassy in Washington.

Barbara Jelavich
Katherine Verdery
President and Vice-President of the Society for Romanian Studies

This Issue

March 1, 1990