To the Editors:

Human Rights in China is an association of Chinese students and professionals concerned with the violation of fundamental rights in China. On the anniversary of the bloody suppression of the Chinese democracy movement last June, we wish to call your readers’ attention to a letter which we plan to send to the Chinese government. Those wishing to join the hundreds of signatories in protesting the persecution of China’s voices of opposition are invited to write to Wan Li, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Conference, Beijing, or Ren Jianxin, Supreme Judge of the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing.

Xiaorong Li
Executive Director
Human Rights in China
485 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Dear Mr. Wan Li/Dear Mr. Ren Jianxin:

On the anniversary of the “June 4” incident, we again express our gravest concern for the fates of those who have been persecuted for their support of democratic progress in China. We hope that the Chinese government can abide by the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, which acknowledges the citizens’ rights to assembly, association, and freedom of press and expression, and immediately release all prisoners of conscience, including Wang Dan, Ren Wanding, Wei Jingsheng, Wang Juntao, Han Dongfang, Liu Xiaobo, and many others.

We also hope that, out of respect for basic human rights, you will drop all charges against Professors Fang Lizhi and his wife, Li Shuxian, both distinguished scientists who are deeply concerned about the future of China, and guarantee their personal safety and right to travel.

David Baltimore,Robert Bernstein,
Helen Bernstein,Herbert Brown,
Joseph Burman, Chen Shin-yuan,
Joan Davidson, Irv Drasnin,
William Fowler, Fu Xinyuan,
Walter Gilbert, Guan Weiyan,
Ge Yang, Anne Goldstein,
Gong Xiaoxia, Han Liancao,
Arthur Helton, Hu Ping,
Daniel Hubel, Sidney Jones,
Leon Lederman, Joel Lebowitz,
Perry Link, Liu Binyan,
Liu Yongchuan, Paul Martin,
Jonathan Mirsky, Andrew Nathan,
Aryeh Neier, Arno Penzias,
David Phillips, Frederick Robbins,
J.H. Rosenberg, Ruan Ming,
Paul Samuelson, Arthur Schawlow,
Orville Schell, Su Shaozhi,
Howard Temin, Wan Runan,
Wu Yingyi, Xian Xiaojie, Xu Bangtai,
Rosalyn Yalow, Yang Jianli,
and others

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June 14, 1990