To the Editors:

On behalf of the PEN American Center Translation Committee, I would like to draw your attention to a service provided by our organization, designed to gain further recognization for translators of literary works, and to avoid situations leading to an exploitation of their talents.

The PEN Club’s Translation Committee would like to know about such abuses as: translators’ names omitted from book jackets, even sometimes from title pages, translators’ names not mentioned in reviews (especially in cases where excellence is clearly due in part to the translators’ art); translators’ names not included in publicity and advertising of a book.

Please address your letters to the Translation Committee, PEN American Center, 568 Broadway, New York, NY 10012. Thank you. For translators and all interested parties we offer our revised Handbook for Literary Translators currently available, free of charge, from PEN American Center.

Lynne Lawner
PEN Translation Committee
New York City

This Issue

June 13, 1991