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Free Speech and Its Limits from the November 19, 1992 issue

To the Editors:

In responding to a letter from our managing editor, Ronald Dworkin [NYR, November 19, 1992] characterizes Critical Review as a “right-wing” journal. He is in error. In Critical Review, scholars of no discernible politics are joined by Marxists, liberals and libertarians in a dialogue that rigorously examines not only right-wing but left-wing doctrines, as well as ideas that escape pigeonholes. In Bertell Ollman’s words, Critical Review “gives every sign of actually becoming the place—so long talked about but to my knowledge never before realized—where serious scholars working in very different modes actually conduct useful discussions with each other.” We bring a variety of political perspectives into mutually respectful debate by transcending ideological boundaries, not perpetuating them.

Jeffrey Friedman
Editor, Critical Review
New Haven, Connecticut

Ronald Dworkin replies:

I formed a view about the character of Critical Review from the list of contributing editors, and I am glad to be corrected.

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April 8, 1993