To the Editors:

For a selection of the correspondence of the late American poet Amy Clampitt, to be published by Alfred A. Knopf, I would appreciate receiving copies of her letters.

Willard Spiegelman
Department of English
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Texas 75275

To the Editors:

For a biography of C. Wright Mills, I am collecting firsthand anecdotes, memories, and letters that bear on Mills’s ideas, politics, and personality. Please email

John Summers
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts

To the Editors:

For a biography of the Hungarian pianist and composer Ervin Nyiregyházi (1903– 1987), a child prodigy whose career foundered around 1925 and languished until he was briefly rescued from obscurity in the 1970s: I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knew Nyiregyházi; who can share unpublished recordings, films, letters, compositions, clippings, photos, or other relevant material; or who has reliable information about his life, personality, and career, his family history, his ten wives, and especially his activities between 1945 and 1970.

Kevin Bazzana
7227 Brentview Drive
Brentwood Bay, British Columbia
V8M 1B9 Canada

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October 10, 2002