To the Editors:

The New York Institute for the Humanities at New York University is seeking applications for the part-time position of director. The institute, established in 1976 by sociologist Richard Sennett, is a forum for promoting the exchange of ideas between academics, writers, journalists, artists, policymakers, and other professionals in New York City. The director is responsible for programming and hosting a weekly lunch-lecture series attended by institute fellows, and for developing several interdisciplinary public programs—ranging from conferences, symposia, and panels to readings, screenings, and performances—for which some fund-raising is required. The director will be assisted by a full-time associate director.

The new director should be ecumenical in his or her intellectual interests and eager to bring stimulating ideas to the institute’s programming, with the goal of hosting a diverse and surprising roster of guest speakers that reflects the life of ideas in the arts, culture, politics, and the sciences. We seek someone with a hospitable nature who is committed to fostering and maintaining the collegiality of the institute’s fellowship (currently numbered at about 220), as well as a good working relationship with NYU, and other local academic and cultural institutions. The new director must live in or near New York City.

The Search Committee welcomes applicants from all academic fields as well as from writers, artists, independent scholars, and others with no university affiliation. Applicants should send a CV and cover letter by December 15 to For more information on the institute, visit

Ben Kafka
Executive Committee Chair
The New York Institute for the Humanities at NYU
New York City