In response to:

Michelle: Surviving in a Fixed World from the December 20, 2012 issue

The Fate of Michelle Malakova: 'Oppositional Behavior' from the December 6, 2012 issue

What Happened to Michelle in Forest Hills? from the November 22, 2012 issue

To the Editors:

Janet Malcolm’s series on Michelle Malakova and what has happened to her was terrifying [NYR, November 22, December 6, and December 20, 2012]. Here is an entire social service net that should be helping this girl—and what most of them seem to be doing is following a frightening path of self-interest. Lawyers and the judge seem to be operating outside the best interest of the young girl. I hope the articles have sparked a flame of critical inquiry into the levels of the judicial systems involved.

Edward Burns
New York City