My favorite big slum was the matter
if you need to be.
It had a rhythm all its own.
You’re the driver. Let’s wait a second,

and get moving.
Don’t get any on it.
Was I ever! Refrigerate after opening.
I do so want not to be alone,
not after eleven o’clock at night…

The ship breaks up…

You look nice,
giving away like that.
I’ll buy you this and buy you that:
a closer look, a nice warm bed
to hide under
in the event that…

His majesty is indisposed,
steals the show as quite collectible,
adding insult to injury,
touching but often hilarious.
God and I had a good laugh over that one.

We lived in a suburban rumor mill a century ago,
now and right around the corner from
business thing.
He felt we were alone.
Few pamphleteers or blue gum
as I came from…
and they aren’t too happy.

It might be here tonight. I’ll have to see.
Almost no one needs her light,
ambles away in shambles. Brass epitaph…
I’m turning this off tonight,
beautiful anxiety. What I understand is
no death. Fail in the part where
the ship breaks up,
scissored down.