1. Longhand
    One part only of me moving.
    The rest of me keeping shtum.
  2. Equipment
    My fingers taper to a point.
    The nib shows willing.
  3. Method
    Not one bit like keyboard keys
    with their busy, busy, busy.
  4. Technology
    One shimmy of a sudden line
    suddenly strikes through it all.
  5. Add-ons
    The lack of a word-count facility,
    of the feint of a change of font.
  6. Archive
    Each new poem written off the back of the previous one.
  7. Soundscape A
    Small scratchings like a bird in a thicket. Robin, possibly.
  8. Soundscape B
    My arm across the paper, its slight taffeta shift.
  9. Proposition
    That ink warmed by my body moves the freer for it.
  10. Sinister
    While my right hand is playing with these words,
    what do you suppose my left is doing?