92Y: ‘Balanchine’s Eternal Present: The Photography of Paul Kolnik’ at the Harkness Dance Festival

For more than forty years, Paul Kolnik has been taking indelible photographs of the New York City Ballet. As part of this year's Harkness Dance Festival, a selection of his images will be on view in the Weill Art Gallery, including his views of George Balanchine and the dancers with whom he worked.

Molly Crabapple & Marwan Hisham: Syria in Ink

The Syrian teacher Marwan Hisham met the artist Molly Crabapple on Twitter while he was in Raqqa and she was in New York. He would send her photographs taken with a smartphone begged from a friend, which she would transform into paintings and drawings. It was, as he puts it, an 'art crime' for which he would probably have been executed had he been discovered.

Edward Bawden

With Bawden’s formal brilliance goes a tender, amused feeling for the value of all life—from the seaside tourists of the 1920s to the war-time soldiers, from the creepy-crawlies of Snails for All, drawn for his children in 1945, to the snarling Tyger! Tyger! of 1974. After seeing all these, who can say that Edward Bawden, this serious if unclassifiable artist, is merely a purveyor of charm?