The Royal Academy's “Oceania” exhibition is not the historical, ethnographic show that Western museum-goers might expect. Its focus is not on Western expeditions but on the indigenous art of the diverse island cultures themselves.

‘The Head & the Load’

The Head & the Load is part of a wave of work by artists and historians that has challenged World War I’s monochrome image. Kentridge’s piece and other ambitious centennial art works and exhibitions raise profound questions about the selectiveness of remembrance and how those who have been willfully erased can best be restored to memory.

‘Devotion and Decadence: The Berthouville Treasure and Roman Luxury’

In 1830 a farmer’s plow scraped the lid of the box containing the cache, and the Berthouville Treasure came to light. Newly restored by the Getty Museum, the silver splendors of this Gallic shrine can be seen in a sumptuous exhibition at New York’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World.

‘Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings’

With over a hundred photographs, “Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings” is organized in five sections—Family, The Land, Last Measure, Abide With Me, and What Remains. Mann’s photographs of the American South move from the individual to the historical and back again, from the landscape to the people who inhabit it, to create a portrait of the evocative geography that is Mann’s home.