Satoshi Miyagi’s ‘Antigone’

A rocky crag, surrounded by water on all sides, seems an appropriate perch for Antigone, Sophocles’ absolutist heroine—especially if that water is fed by the river Styx. The idea that running water forms the boundary between life and death is common to Greek and Japanese myths, as seen in the Shizuoka Performing Arts Center company’s strange, absorbing "Antigone" at the Park Avenue Armory.

‘Party on the CAPS’

Thinking of global migration, Bennani imagined the risky journey to another country via teleportation—how would American border police handle a technology that makes national boundaries physically insignificant? The result is "Party on the CAPS," an exhibition of video and sculpture at Brooklyn’s Clearing Gallery.

‘Verdi: Creating “Otello” and “Falstaff”—Highlights from the Ricordi Archive

Two operas are the subject of “Verdi: Creating Otello and Falstaff,” a gem of an exhibition at the Morgan Library and Museum. Curated by Gabriele Dotto, the former director of publishing at Ricordi, Verdi’s publishing house, it affords an engrossing glimpse of the vast collaborative effort required to bring an opera into the world.