Andrea Long Chu is a writer and critic who lives in Brooklyn. Her work has been published in n+1, Bookforum, The New York Times, and elsewhere. Her first book, Females, is forthcoming from Verso this fall. (September 2019)


Philosophy of a Blowjob: An Interview with Jacqueline Novak

Jacqueline Novak in Get on Your Knees, 2019

Andrea Long Chu: I think you’re saying the penis is inherently a cheat. So cheating does seem inescapable to me. At least from an audience member’s perspective, I don’t stress about it as an ethical question. But that’s not my job; maybe it’s your job. Jacqueline Novak: That’s why it’s an art, not whatever else. I’m not an academic. It’s art, and therefore a little drop of paint here, a little drop of paint there—it’s not a perfect argument. It’s a piece. It’s a living thing that nudges ideas around.