A Good Cause

Pamphlets of the American Revolution (Volume I, 1750-1776)

edited by Bernard Bailyn, edited by Jane N. Garrett
In recent years, the American Revolution has again come to be regarded as an event of more than parochial significance. Its culmination was the establishment of enduring republican governments and the creation of a new form of federalism that combined the beneficent efficacy of a national government with the familiar …

Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton and the Constitution

by Clinton Rossiter
If it is true that one can learn much about a people by its choice of heroes, then a study of Alexander Hamilton and his reputation among Americans during his lifetime and thereafter should be instructive. Hamilton served with distinction in the Continental Army throughout the Revolution. He was a …

Jefferson Reconstructed

Jefferson & Civil Liberties: The Darker Side

by Leonard W. Levy
Mr. Levy believes that “a strong pattern of unlibertarian, even anti-libertarian thought and behavior” extended throughout Jefferson’s life, and he condemns him for it with vigor and severity. His indictment is impressive. The unfamiliar Jefferson at one time or another supported loyalty oaths; countenanced internment camps for political suspects; drafted …