The Magician

W.B. Yeats: The Poems

a new edition edited by Richard J. Finneran

Editing Yeats's Poems

by Richard J. Finneran
In Yeats’s best-known play, Purgatory (1938), the protagonist is an old man who is at once the murderer of his father and of his son. Yeats’s relation to the poets who were his predecessors and his followers is similar. One finds in his essays and memoirs several references to the …

All the King’s Men

The Land and Literature of England: A Historical Account

by Robert M. Adams
If we were to decide to attribute the corpus of English literature not to a diverse and unmanageable group of writers, but to a single intelligence, how would we describe the growth of that mind? Schopenhauer thought that human individualism was delusory, that there existed in the world one indivisible …