David Cannadine

David Cannadine is the Dodge Professor of History at Princeton.

Cutting Classes

Class Formation and Urban-Industrial Society: Bradford, 1750–1850

by Theodore Koditschek

Class, Sect and Party: The Making of the British Middle Class, Leeds 1820–1850

by R.J. Morris

Visions of the People: Industrial England and the Question of Class, 1840–1914

by Patrick Joyce

The Ideologies of Class: Social Relations in Britain, 1880–1950

by Ross McKibbin

December 17, 1992 issue

Never-Never Land

Victorian Things

by Asa Briggs

The Rise of Respectable Society: A Social History of Victorian Britain, 1830–1900

by F.M.L. Thompson

The Rise of Professional Society: Britain since 1880

by Harold Perkin

February 15, 1990 issue

Winston Agonistes

The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill Volume II, Alone, 1932–1940

by William Manchester

Churchill's War: Volume I, The Struggle for Power

by David Irving

Winston S. Churchill Volume VIII, 'Never Despair,' 1945–1965

by Martin Gilbert

June 15, 1989 issue

Spooky Business

Her Majesty's Secret Service: The Making of the British Intelligence Community

by Christopher Andrew

March 27, 1986 issue

Brideshead Re-Revisited

The Treasure Houses of Britain: Five Hundred Years of Private Patronage and Art Collecting Washington

November 3, 1985 to March 16, 1986, National Gallery of Art,

The Treasure Houses of Britain: Five Hundred Years of Private Patronage and Art Collecting

edited by Gervase Jackson-Stops

The English Country House: A Grand Tour Book/Little, Brown

by Gervase Jackson-Stops and James Pipkin

December 19, 1985 issue

Munich Man

Neville Chamberlain Volume I: Pioneering and Reform, 1869–1929

by David Dilks

March 28, 1985 issue

No Entrance

An Open Elite? England 1540–1880

by Lawrence Stone and Jeanne C. Fawtier Stone

December 20, 1984 issue

The Ideal Husband

The Ideal Husband

The Cult of the Prince Consort

by Elisabeth Darby and Nicola Smith

Prince Albert: His Life and Work

by Hermione Hobhouse

Prince Albert: A Biography

by Robert Rhodes James

November 8, 1984 issue

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