David Margolick, a long-time contributing editor at Vanity Fair, is the author, most recently, of The Promise and the Dream: The Untold Story of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy. (May 2018)

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The Reader in the Ring

Tunney: Boxing's Brainiest Champ and His Upset of the Great Jack Dempsey

by Jack Cavanaugh

Ringside: A Treasury of Boxing Reportage

by Budd Schulberg, with an introduction by Hugh McIlvanney
Nearly eighty years later, my father can still recall the scene outside the Windsor Hotel in Montreal: the dashing and immaculately dressed young man in a felt hat standing by a sleek car—a Packard, probably, or maybe a Cadillac—supervising the bellhops as they loaded his luggage. The man in question …


RFK, in Arthur Schlesinger’s Words

Robert F. Kennedy, then Attorney General, in his Justice Department office, circa 1964

“We worked hard to get where we are, and we can’t let it all go to waste,” Robert Kennedy told Arthur Schlesinger in December 1963, a month after JFK’s assassination. “My brother barely had a chance to get started—and there is so much now to be done—for the Negroes and the unemployed and school kids and everyone else who is not getting a decent break in our society. This is what counts. The new fellow [LBJ] doesn’t get this. He knows all about politics and nothing about human beings.”