Eleanor Davis has been honored by the Eisner Awards and has won a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators. Her works include How to Be Happy and You & a Bike & a Road (2017), and she contributed a short piece to the acclaimed comics anthology NOW (Fantagraphics, 2017). (March 2018)


Sketching an Uncertain Future

A panel from Eleanor Davis's The Hard Tomorrow, 2019

Eleanor Davis is one of the very best cartoonists working today. She has (among many other things) an amazing way of drawing people: they are both emotional expressions, as vivid and immediately legible as Bugs Bunny, and, at the same time, convincing as bodies in the world, weighty and vulnerable, with scuffed knees and unruly hair. Her new book, The Hard Tomorrow, focuses on Hannah, a thirty-something activist in a near-future America—Mark Zuckerberg is president—who is trying to get pregnant, trying to hang on to her day-job in elder care, trying to avoid the police, trying to do some good in a world that seems increasingly hopeless.

The Art of Love

Why art? What is it? What is it for? These are the questions that have vexed scholars and historians, makers of art and lovers of art, since the beginning of civilization. What color is art? Can beautiful art be ugly, can ugly art be beautiful? Does art distort life, mirror it, or duplicate it? Does art have a taste? In Why Art? we are guided through a metaphysical journey where the mysterious and regenerative properties of art are put to the test.