Venetian Secrets

The Venetian Patriciate: Reality versus Myth

by Donald E. Queller

Venetian Humanism in an Age of Patrician Dominance

by Margaret L. King
On October 30, 1500, Anton Kolb, a German living in Venice, asked the Venetian government to waive customs duties and to permit him to export a woodcut that, at Kolb’s expense, had been made “to honor the reputation of the famous city of Venice.” The woodcut was a bird’s-eye view …

The Other Florence

Tuscans and Their Families: A Study of the Florentine Catasto of 1427

by David Herlihy and Christiane Klapisch-Zuber

Giovanna and Lusanna: Love and Marriage in Renaissance Florence

by Gene Brucker
In the indexes of these books we cannot find the name of Pico della Mirandola; Marsilio Ficino’s name appears only twice, not as the translator of Plato, but as a medical expert. Thus we hear nothing about the intellectual passions of Medicean Florence—about the enthusiasm for the writings and the …

Prussia Lives!

"Prussia: Attempt at a Balance"

a Berlin Festival Exhibition, August-December, 1981
Last summer the London Times, Le Monde, even The Wall Street Journal, devoted articles to the “reawakening of Prussia.” The subject was discussed in every German newspaper from Munich to Hamburg, from Cologne to Berlin. Three hundred recently published books on Prussia were listed in the catalogue of a well-known …

The Medici Megalopolis

Public Life in Renaissance Florence

by Richard C. Trexler

The Laboring Classes in Renaissance Florence

by Samuel Kline Cohn Jr
Few ages have stimulated so much interest—and so much aroused the admiration of later generations—as the sixty years of Medicean hegemony in fifteenth-century Florence. Medicean Florence has been described and evoked in a vast literature of novels and plays, historical popularizations, and serious works of historical scholarship. Among historical scholars …

The German Leviathan

Germany 1866-1945

by Gordon A. Craig

The German Problem Reconsidered: Germany and the World Order, 1870 to the Present

by David Calleo
I am surely not the only person who from time to time is unpleasantly reminded of the gap between his proclaimed convictions and his actual behavior. I frequently say that I am fascinated only by those historical writings which, by applying new methods or focusing on previously neglected aspects of …