A Sense of the Past

Germany, Yesterday and Tomorrow

by Peter H. Merkl

The Germans and their Modern History

by Fritz Ernst, translated by Charles M. Prugh
Fritz Ernst delivered these lectures in 1961-2 at the University of Heidelberg, where from 1937 until his death in 1963, except for a spell in the army in the first half of the Second World War, he was Professor of Medieval and Modern History. His object was to convince his …

The Looking Glass War

Struggle For the World: The Cold War: 1917-1965

by Desmond Donnelly

Alternative to Partition

by Zbigniew Brzezinski
Whatever may be the appropriate name for them—chronologues, perhaps—Mr. Donnelly’s book is a good example of a kind of publication which remains too frequent in the field of contemporary history. As the worst kind of travelogue on movie and television screens portrays its subject in lurid colors, this account of …

The History of A. J. P. Taylor

Politics in Wartime and Other Essays

by A.J.P. Taylor
Whether or not he has the stature of Gibbon and Macaulay, as enthusiastic reviewers have occasionally—and irrelevantly—claimed for him, A. J. P. Taylor is certainly among the most prominent of living British historians. It is not the universal opinion that he is among the most distinguished. On the contrary, he …