R. M. MacIver

Power Transformed

by R.M. MacIver
For half a century Robert MacIver has made valuable contributions to our knowledge of politics and society. Though he is now over eighty years old and retired from his post at Columbia, he still continues his work—which is now represented by more than fifteen books. MacIver has combined moral and …


Power in Washington

by Douglass Cater

Power at the Pentagon

by Jack Raymond
In recent years, liberals have written much about the forms, distribution, and uses of power in America. Their thought has been dominated by the feeling that too much power—political, social, and economic—is unresponsible, hidden, often simply improper in its methods and purposes. With the ever greater prominence of large public …

Power Play

Power, Corruption, and Rectitude

by Harold D. Lasswell and Arnold A. Rogow
Harold Lasswell has always been fascinated by the problem of power. He is a political scientist, but in much of his abundant writing has dealt with power as a dread fact of life requiring something beyond the ordinary attentions of his field. The main lesson of his writing has been …

Politics for What?

Modern Political Analysis

by Robert A. Dahl

Politics and Policies in State and Local Governments

by Herbert Kaufman
In the past dozen years, Robert A. Dahl has made a substantial contribution to the study of politics. Still young, now a professor of political science at Yale, he has written on some of the most vexing problems in the field: the creation of American foreign policy, the connections between …