The Shadow of the Furies

The Memory of Justice

directed by Marcel Ophuls
In Marcel Ophuls’s The Memory of Justice, Stalin is quoted as having proposed shooting 50,000 top Nazis at the end of the war as a beginning of retaliation for their murder of millions. Historical accounts show that Roosevelt and Churchill had also been in favor of summary executions. In time, …

Up Against the News

The Seventeenth Degree

by Mary McCarthy

The Mask of State: Watergate Portraits

by Mary McCarthy
“I think,” said George Meany, “Gerald Ford is what he appears to be.” This metaphysical appraisal could have been offered as an epilogue to Mary McCarthy’s The Mask of State. It must have been evoked from Meany by the consciousness that Nixon and his White House had constituted a gallery …

“As a Teen-Age Boy of the Twentieth Century¬Ö”

Culture Against Man

by Jules Henry
Almost everything in Culture Against Man is familiar through other studies and through articles in newspapers and magazines. It is not news today that this is a society (or culture) in which objects are produced not for use but for profit; in which most people work not at what they …