Yes Men

Academic Freedom and Academic Anarchy

by Sidney Hook

The Decline of Radicalism; Reflections on America Today

by Daniel J. Boorstin
These books are addressed ostensibly to different questions; they also exhibit different professional talents and draw upon partly different funds of information. On his own level, Professor Hook is still a polemicist to be reckoned with. If he wins fewer campaigns than battles, it will not be for want of …

The Revolting Academy

Young Radicals: Notes on Committed Youth

by Kenneth Keniston

The Academic Revolution

by Christopher Jencks and David Riesman
A specter of revolution haunts the land. Or, rather, a congregation of revolutionary specters. For it is a major problem simply to sort them out and then, when possible, to relate them to one another. There seems to be general agreement that the working classes at least are out of …

The University II: What Is a Liberal Education?

The Reforming of General Education

by Daniel Bell
A primary measure of the condition of our universities at the present time is the increasing uncertainty among its leaders, even after several decades, about the success, or even the aims, of general education. Of course there are technical reasons, as Professor Daniel Bell explains in his book, The Reforming …

The American University: Part I

The Reforming of General Education

by Daniel Bell

The University in Transition

by James A. Perkins
It has become a sociological commonplace that we have been moving into a post-capitalist, even a post-industrialist era in which, along with much prestige and money, residual power now passes to the university men. From this one might infer that we also are witnessing at last the decline of the …