Overtaking the Avant-Garde

The Age of the Avant-Garde: An Art Chronicle of 1956-1972

by Hilton Kramer

Discovering the Present: Three Decades in Art, Culture, and Politics

by Harold Rosenberg
Like most collections of critical essays, the books under review are composed of pieces that have been written over many years, in Kramer’s case for the New York Times and, in Rosenberg’s, for magazines ranging from Partisan Review to Vogue. Almost all the essays in both books derive from events, …

The Shape of Things to Come

Brancusi: A Study of the Sculpture

by Sidney Geist

Modern American Sculpture

by Dore Ashton
The increasing number of recent books on sculpture suggests that three-dimensional art has become the major expressive form in the art of the mid-Sixties. Painting, the dominant mode of the early twentieth century, now seems to be straining against the confinement of the rectangular plane. What has happened in sculpture …

Dim Beginnings

The Eternal Present Vol. I: The Beginning of Art (The A.W. Mellon Lectures in Fine Arts, 1957)

by S. Giedion
This volume, the first of two on the earliest art of the Western world, is the first work on prehistory to provide anything like an encyclopedic photographic coverage of Paleolithic mural art. A large portion of the splendid photographs were taken by experts for the author and appear here for …