Jo-Ann Mort, a journalist and poet, has written about and reported from Israel, the Palestinian Occupied Territories, and the Arab sector in Israel for Foreign Policy, The American Prospect, the Chicago Tribune, and Dissent (where she is also on the editorial board). She is the co-author of Our Hearts Invented a Place: Can Kibbutzim Survive in Today’s Israel (2003). (February 2020)


The Trump–Netanyahu Plan to Force Arab Population Transfer

US President Donald Trump talking to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with the president’s son-in-law and architect of the Trump administration’s new peace plan for Israel, Jared Kushner, in the background, Jerusalem, 2017

The Triangle area encompasses around 300,000 citizens of Israel, nearly all of whom are of Palestinian descent from families who lived in Israel prior to 1948. The antiseptic language with which the Trump “Deal of the Century” document,” the White House plan for Israel and the Palestinians, lays out the potential fate of these “Triangle communities”—residents who are, after all, Israeli citizens, albeit Arab ones—is chilling when you consider what is actually being proposed here: a forced population transfer. Something that is outlawed in wartime by the Geneva Conventions would be accomplished here not only in peacetime, but even in the name of peace-making.