John D. Rosenberg, William Peterfield Professor of English at Columbia, has written critical studies of Ruskin, Tennyson, and Carlyle. He is working on a collection of essays, Elegy for an Age: Essays in Victorian Literature. (April 2003)


Victoria’s Secrets

The Victorians

by A.N. Wilson

Inventing the Victorians

by Matthew Sweet
A.N. Wilson thinks big and writes prolifically. Among his twenty-eight novels and biographies is a controversial life of Jesus. He is also something of a disaster buff. The Victorians opens with the ancient Houses of Parliament burning in a spectacular conflagration on the night of October 16, 1834, a flaming …

The Devil & Mr. Ruskin

John Ruskin: The Early Years

by Tim Hilton

John Ruskin: The Later Years

by Tim Hilton
The most striking moment in the two volumes of Tim Hilton’s massive, quirky, often moving biography of Ruskin occurs not on, but between, two of their nearly one thousand pages. Filling the whole of a marginless right-hand page, an 1851 daguerreotype shows the young Effie Ruskin in the third year …