Lord Zuckerman

Lord Zuckerman (1904–1993) was a British zoologist and military strategist. Having advised the Allies on bombing strategy during World War II, he spent much of his later life campaigning for nuclear non-proliferation. Zuckerman was knighted in 1956 and made a life peer in 1971.

The New Nuclear Menace

A Nuclear-Weapon-Free World: Desirable? Feasible?

edited by Joseph Rotblat, edited by Jack Steinberger, edited by Bhalchandra Udgaonkar

June 24, 1993 issue

Creations of the Dark

Circular Evidence

by Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews

Crop Circles: The Latest Evidence

by Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews

The Crop Circle Enigma: Grounding the Phenomenon in Science, Culture and Metaphysics

edited by Ralph Noyes, photographs by Busty Taylor

November 21, 1991 issue

Apes R Not Us

Through a Window: My Thirty Years with the Chimpanzees of Gombe

by Jane Goodall

Almost Human: A Journey into the World of Baboons

by Shirley C. Strum, foreword by George B. Schaller

How Monkeys See the World: Inside the Mind of Another Species

by Dorothy L. Cheney and Robert M. Seyfarth

Language and Species

by Derek Bickerton

Uniquely Human: The Evolution of Speech, Thought, and Selfless Behavior

by Philip Lieberman

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May 30, 1991 issue

Converging on Peace?

A World at Peace: Common Security in the Twenty-first Century

by the Palme Commission on Disarmament and Security Issues

September 28, 1989 issue

The Silver Fox

The Master of the Game: Paul Nitze and the Nuclear Peace

by Strobe Talbott

January 19, 1989 issue

The World Without INF

Stemming the Tide: Arms Control in the Johnson Years

by Glenn T. Seaborg, with Benjamin S. Loeb

June 2, 1988 issue

Nuclear Wizards

Nuclear Wizards

Rabi: Scientist and Citizen

by John S. Rigden

Toward a Livable World: Leo Szilard and the Crusade for Nuclear Arms Control

edited by Helen S. Hawkins, edited by G. Allen Greb, edited by Gertrud Weiss Szilard

Better a Shield than a Sword: Perspectives on Defense and Technology

by Edward Teller

March 31, 1988 issue

The Nuclear Opening

The Nuclear Opening

Star Wars: A Defense Insider's Case Against the Strategic Defense Initiative

by Robert Bowman

Watershed in Europe: Dismantling the East-West Military Confrontation

by Jonathan Dean

Searching for World Security: Understanding Global Armament and Disarmament

by Curt Gasteyger

Nuclear War, Nuclear Proliferation, and their Consequences

edited by Sadruddin Aga Khan

May 7, 1987 issue

What Price Star Wars?

What Price Star Wars?

Blundering Into Disaster: Surviving the First Century of the Nuclear Age

by Robert McNamara

April 23, 1987 issue

Reagan’s Highest Folly

Weapons in Space

edited by Franklin A. Long, edited by Donald Hafner, edited by Jeffrey Boutwell

Space Weapons and International Security

edited by Bhupendra Jasani for SIPRI

Empty Promise: The Growing Case Against Star Wars

edited by John Tirman. under the auspices of The Union of Concerned Scientists

April 9, 1987 issue

The Wonders of Star Wars

The Wonders of Star Wars

Star Warriors: A Penetrating Look Into the Lives of the Young Scientists Behind Our Space Age Weaponry

by William J. Broad

How to Make Nuclear Weapons Obsolete

by Robert Jastrow

Ballistic Missile Defense Technologies

Congress of the United States, Office of Technology Assessment

January 30, 1986 issue

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