Mathieu Magnaudeix is a staff journalist and the US correspondent for Mediapart, an independent French investigative news website, and the editor of a Mediapart book on Emmanuel Macron’s presidential campaign, Macron & Co.: An Investigation into the New President of the Republic (2017). (April 2018)

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President Macron’s Trouble at Home

Graffiti reading “legitimate or not, our rage in your face,” as French President Emmanuel Macron prepared to leave for his state visit to the US and riot police in Paris faced violent protests coinciding with a rail strike and student sit-ins, April 19, 2018

Covering the campaign for the news site Mediapart, I asked Emmanuel Macron one winter morning in Paris in early 2017 how a former investment banker supported by wealthy entrepreneurs could connect with the working and middle classes, how he could escape Marine Le Pen’s characterization of him as a privileged “globalist.” Calling me “dear friend,” with evident irony, Macron denied being an “oligarch,” and accused me of “disseminating National Front arguments.” But he never really answered the question.